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    Greetings fellow cat lover! I'm Tara, the founder of Kitty Kickerz. Growing up there were two constants in my life - a love for cats and a love for crafting and creating new things. My mom would often be found at her sewing machine, sewing away with some new project of hers. Whether I was standing close-by with a watchful eye as the sewing machine hummed away or helping her in some way (though I'm not quite sure how much "help" it was at that age....), I was always by her side. What a delight it was, for my young self, to be surrounded by all of these wondrous things, and with her creative talent and direction, learn how to make something myself.

    After years of making toys for my own cats and those of family and friends, along with others, I was constantly told I have an amazing product that cats love, and that I had to find a way to make the toys available to other cat owners. And so, Kitty Kickerz was born.

    All of the toys made here at Kitty Kickerz are proudly handmade in the USA. A lot of work (and love) goes into each toy - from choosing the most adorable cat prints - to cutting & sewing the fabric - right down to packaging each finished product. Every toy contains super potent 100% certified organic catnip which, if your cat likes catnip, they will most likely go crazy for. When it is said that all of the toys made here at Kitty Kickerz are made with love, pride and potent organic catnip - it could not be a more truer statement.

    All toy making operations are overseen by three cats - Winter (Head Catnip Inspector), Piggy (Top Toy Tester) and Bijou (Chief Treat Officer). They want you and your cat to love the toys you get from Kitty Kickerz just as much as I do, and all three are more than happy to test out toys of their own from time to time to make sure operations continue to run smoothly. They love their "jobs" and think their positions are just the cat's meow.

    With meows & purrs of thanks for stopping by, 


    Founder & Head Toy Maker of Kitty Kickerz