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    Greetings! Tara here & I thought it would be fun to introduce to you the kitties who oversee the toy making operations here at Kitty Kickerz.

    Say hello to Winter. He is Head Catnip Inspector here, and takes his job very seriously. When a fresh batch of super potent organic catnip comes in, he will sniff the box, paw at the box, and give us lots of meows telling us that batch meets his approval and can go into the toys. He may even ask for a taste test just to be extra certain.  Winter is very good at his job & there hasn't been a batch yet that didn't meet his approval! He's also a (nearly) non-stop chatter box and will meow your ear off if you let him, even if catnip isn't involved!





    This is Piggy, and he's our Top Toy Tester. Can you see why? That's right....Piggy is more than willing to test out prototype toys, making sure they are huggable, bunny kickable, pounceable, squeezeable, lickable and playable enough to have tons of crazy catnip fun with each one! He also tests how far each toy can be batted into the air and whacked along the floor. Piggy loves his job of Top Toy Tester so much that he doesn't mind us showing off photo's of him playing with his own toys, so other kitties (and their humans) can see how much fun our toys are!



    Lastly, I introduce to you Bijou, who is our Chief Treat Officer. When Bijou thinks Piggy & Winter deserve treats for a job well done, as CTO, he comes over and paws and meows sweetly to ask for treats for everyone. We swear they send him over cause they know we can't resist that cute face of his. Just look at those wild wispy whiskers!! Who can resist those alone?! Bijou is very good at being CTO and successfully obtaining treats for everyone!  He also loves catnip just as much as Winter & Piggy do so if either of those two feel like taking a cat nap while on the job, Bijou is more than happy to fill in for them!